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Losing weight may be easier when you discuss your goals with a highly experienced Northport, NY, nutritionist. Ingredients For Health knows that it isn't always easy to eat properly in the hectic modern world, but we're here to offer you detailed information about ways in which you can enjoy healthy and nutritious meals even while you're on the go.

We'll address your health on a holistic level and provide you with detailed information about the ways in which your diet affects your well-being. If you'd like to shed a few pounds, we may have some recipes that can help you cut down on the fats and carbohydrates you consume. When you're interested in adding muscle tone to your physique, we'll explain the benefits that are associated with adding high protein foods to your diet. We'll design you a customized diet, and you may appreciate our:

  • Quick responses
  • Flexible office hours
  • Encouraging staff

To make our services more affordable, Ingredients For Health even accepts insurance. As a board member of the Long Island Dietetic Association (LIDA), we're committed to the community's health. Call us to discuss your dietary concerns with a  Northport, NY, nutritionist.

Trusted Registered Dietitian Nutritionist 

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​​- Customized Goals for Each Client’s Needs
- We Accept Insurance*
- Fun and Positive Environment
- Hands On Cooking & Shopping Guidance
- Board Member of the Long Island Dietetic Association (LIDA)
- Member of The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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*All health insurance policies differ regarding covered services.